Here's How to Get Rid of Undereye Bags and Dark Circles to Look More Refreshed

Here's How to Get Rid of Undereye Bags and Dark Circles to Look More Refreshed

Whether you're dealing with stress, all-nighters for school or work, or you're just a night owl, the constant "no sleep" situation is so real. You've probably googled "how to get rid of undereye bags and dark circles" on more than one occasion, and you'd do almost anything to get rid of them. And even after you've tried a million expensive treatments, they usually come back.

The truth is, your eye puffiness and darkness could be inherited. The undereye area is one of the thinner areas and is easily neglected in basic skin care.  There is a strong genetic component to dark circles, which is out of people's control. Yes, much of the reason you have those circles is that of your parents' own thin skin (thanks, Mom). 

You might also have dark circles because of an increase in pigment in that area. But don't run to the doctor asking for a pricey laser or needle treatment. Below are ways to minimize the appearance of those circles that won't cost you an arm or a leg. These affordable tips go way beyond putting cucumbers on your eyes.

If you have dark circles from thin skin, use a retinoid.

With repeated use, retinol can stimulate the production of collagen, making the skin less thin and improving the dark circles. Retinoids help rebuild dermal collagen and thereby contribute to vascular support in the area and the recovery of skin volume and firmness. 

The Great News…… you don’t have to go far for this solution.

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Sleep on your back and use an extra pillow.

If dark, puffy bags seem to be the morning problem, consider sleeping on your back with an extra pillow so that fluid doesn't pool overnight. Keeping your pillow protected from allergens (dust and dust mites) with a protective encasement can also help when allergies are the culprit.  As for pillow covers, it doesn't get more luxurious than soft, cooling silk pillowcases.

If you have dark circles because of increased pigment, use brightening products and sunscreen.

Sometimes dark circles are caused by increased pigment, either from rubbing or from sun damage. The best treatment for this includes lightening agents such as vitamin C or licorice extract. These ingredients help decrease skin pigmentation over time, ultimately resulting in the lightening of the dark circles. 


Goddess Glow by Nature Moisturizing Facial Serum contains organically sourced Vitamin C and would be the perfect solution.


Take an antihistamine.

Most people have darkness under the eyes due to allergies and don't realize it. An antihistamine helps clear that up!

Be gentle with your makeup remover.

Consider your under-eyes as sensitive skin even if you may not necessarily have sensitive skin. Undereye skin is among the thinnest on the body, so any trauma or irritation can cause skin inflammation. If you are using a towelette, try one that is fragrance-free, and take gentle strokes in a single direction rather than rubbing back and forth." 


And if you'd rather ditch single-use products, we suggest grabbing a cleansing oil to gently wash away makeup without excessive rubbing or pulling. Organic Coconut Oil is great for an all natural makeup remover.

Sleep more, or at least get more restful sleep.

The cheapest way to reduce the appearance of undereye bags is to get on a regular sleep routine of seven to eight hours per day. And don't drink alcohol a few hours before bedtime. 


Try tea bags.

Caffeinated tea, which contains natural tannins, is a mild diuretic and has long been used by grandmothers and runway models for reducing eye puffiness. Soak two tea bags in warm water and chill the bags for a few minutes in the refrigerator — then, place one tea bag on each eye for five minutes, and your eyes will feel fresh and look brighter.

When all else fails, you've still got makeup.

While you're working on improving your under-eye bags and dark circles, you've got concealer, foundation, and even primer to fall back on in the fight against under-eye darkness and puffiness.